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I'm running for the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly with a belief that we need less government, less taxes and more property rights.

Economic Development

The free market coupled with individual responsibility and personal freedoms always leads to greater economic development.

Land Use

I support the easing of Title 17 restrictions on subdividing to allow people to subdivide their land as they wish. I support lessening the overreach of the Borough Planning Department in zoning issues, which has really hampered private land use, and especially business development.

Road Service Areas

I believe that the local Road Service Areas should be able to decide how to spend their money, and the Borough's only job is to facilitate this.

Woodstoves & PM 2.5

The Assembly should stop trying to legislate around the obvious will of the people to allow people to heat their homes as they need.

Taxes & the Budget

I support the Tax Cap, and think it should be made tighter. The budget has gone out-of-control the last few decades and we need to shrink it back to sustainability. We should be decreasing our budget yearly. We should be privatizing the services that we can.